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MOO CHUU will provide you with one of a kind footwear that is personalised to your choice.

MOO CHUU was created in Thailand after the founders had extensive knowledge of the raw materials required to make these amazing products. MOO CHUU are very confident that we have made one of the best flip flops and sandals for a worldwide market. Previous experience with raw products and the manufacturing processes have enabled us to design, manufacture and distribute our own brand name MOO CHUU.

Having started MOO CHUU in 2014 in Bangkok, they have expanded to a worldwide market, such as Korea, Malaysia, Italy, Austria etc. This has been achieved by having the necessary quality controls along with a new and existing design for flip flops and sandals. You can choose your own mix of colour, sole, strap or style which is unique to MOO CHUU.

MOO CHUU arrived in the United Kingdom in 2022 by Ollie and Nate Greenaway. Ollie and Nate often travel to Thailand to spend time with family in Bangkok. During a recent visit our daughter needed some easy to wear sandals and we discovered MOO CHUU. After hearing the MOO CHUU story and knowing they use recyclable materials, we felt compelled to bring them to the UK market.

At MOO CHUU our products are made from recyclable materials with environmental issues at the forefront of our business decision. We strive to create a business that is not purely for profit, but something that the future generations can also be proud of.


Ollie & Nate
MOO CHUU UK Official Distributors 

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